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Youth Sport Injuries

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Youth athletes’ quests for gold: does opportunity supersede undue risk?

Michael F Bergeron, Margo Mountjoy, John T Wendt

8 June 2022

Rationale and design of the PROspective ATHletic Heart (Pro@Heart) study: long-term assessment of the determinants of cardiac remodelling and its clinical consequences in endurance athletes

Ruben De Bosscher, Christophe Dausin, Kristel Janssens, Jan Bogaert, Adrian Elliott, Olivier Ghekiere, Caroline M Van De Heyning, Prashanthan Sanders, Jonathan Kalman, Diane Fatkin, Lieven Herbots, Rik Willems, Hein Heidbuchel, André La Gerche, Guido Claessen, Sofie Van Soest, Piet Claus, Mathias Claeys, Kaatje Goetschalckx, Steven Dymarkowski, Tom Dresselaers, Hielko Miljoen, Kasper Favere, Bernard Paelinck, Dorien Vermeulen, Isabel Witvrouwen, Dominique Hansen, Daisy Thijs, Peter Vanvoorden, Kristof Lefebvre, Michael Darragh Flannery, Amy Mitchell, Maria Brosnan, David Prior

18 March 2022

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