Physical Activity for Health

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Physical activity self-reports: past or future

Matteo C Sattler, Barbara E Ainsworth, Lars B Andersen, Charlie Foster, Maria Hagströmer, Johannes Jaunig, Paul Kelly, Harold W Kohl III, Charles E Matthews, Pekka Oja, Stephanie A Prince, Mireille N M van Poppel


Feb 03, 2021

Acute glycaemic management before, during and after exercise for cardiac rehabilitation participants with diabetes mellitus: a joint statement of the British and Canadian Associations of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, the International Council for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation and the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

John P Buckley, Michael Riddell, Duane Mellor, Richard M Bracken, Marie-Kristelle Ross, Andre LaGerche, Paul Poirier


Dec 23, 2020

Time – efficient intervention to improve older adolescents ’ cardiorespiratory fitness: findings from the ‘ Burn 2 Learn ’ cluster randomised controlled trial

David R Lubans, Jordan J Smith, Narelle Eather, Angus A Leahy, Philip J Morgan, Chris Lonsdale, Ronald C Plotnikoff, Michael Nilsson, Sarah G Kennedy, Elizabeth G Holliday, Natasha Weaver, Michael Noetel, Tatsuya T Shigeta, Myrto F Mavilidi, Sarah R Valkenborghs, Prajwal Gyawali, Frederick R Walker, Sarah A Costigan, Charles H Hillman


Dec 21, 2020