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Tackling sport-related concussion: effectiveness of lowering the maximum legal height of the tackle in amateur male rugby – a cross-sectional analytical study
Riaan van Tonder, Lindsay Starling, Sean Surmon, Pierre Viviers, Wilbur Kraak, Pieter-Henk Boer, Esme Jordaan, Sharief Hendricks, Keith A Stokes, Wayne Derman, James Craig Brown

6 December 2022

Contributors to negative biopsychosocial health or performance outcomes in rugby players (CoNBO): a systematic review and Delphi study protocol
Sam McCormack, Kevin Till, Jessica Wenlock, Sarah Whitehead, Keith A Stokes, Mark Bitcon, James Brown, Matt Cross, Phil Davies, Éanna C Falvey, Sharron Flahive, Andrew Gardner, Sharief Hendricks, Rich Johnston, Stephen D MellalieuSee the full list of authors

11 October 2022

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