BJSM Reviews with MCQs

Are we missing the target? Are we aiming too low? What are the aerobic exercise prescriptions and their effects on markers of cardiovascular health and systemic inflammation in patients with knee osteoarthritis? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Jenna M Schulz, Trevor B Birmingham, Hayden F Atkinson, Emilie Woehrle, Codie A Primeau, Michael J Lukacs, Baraa K Al-Khazraji, Michaela C M Khan, Bryn O Zomar, Robert J Petrella, Frank Beier, C Thomas Appleton, J Kevin Shoemaker, Dianne M Bryant


December 17, 2019

Exercise treatment effect modifiers in persistent low back pain: an individual participant data meta-analysis of 3514 participants from 27 randomised controlled trials

Jill A Hayden, Maria N Wilson, Samuel Stewart, Jennifer L Cartwright, Andrea O Smith, Richard D Riley, Maurits van Tulder, Tom Bendix, Francesca Cecchi, Leonardo O P Costa, Ninna Dufour, Manuela L Ferreira, Nadine E Foster, Maruti R Gudavalli, Jan Hartvigsen, Pieter Helmhout, Jan Kool, George A Koumantakis, Francisco M Kovacs, Tiina Kuukkanen, Audrey Long, Luciana G Macedo, Luciana A C Machado, Chris G Maher, Wolf Mehling, Giovanni Morone, Tom Peterson, Eva Rasmussen-Barr, Cormac G Ryan, Tuulikki Sjögren, Rob Smeets, J Bart Staal, Monica Unsgaard-Tøndel, Henry Wajswelner, Ella W Yeung


November 28, 2019

Impact of youth sports specialisation on career and task-specific athletic performance: a systematic review following the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) Collaborative Research Network’s 2019 Youth Early Sport Specialisation Summit

Stephanie A Kliethermes, Kyle Nagle, Jean Côté, Robert M Malina, Avery Faigenbaum, Andrew Watson, Brian Feeley, Stephen William Marshall, Cynthia R LaBella, Daniel C Herman, Adam Tenforde, Anthony I Beutler, Neeru Jayanthi


November 18, 2019