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Rise of intravenous nutrition products among professional team sport athletes: reasons to be concerned?
Nathan Lewis, Andrew Hodgson, Tamim Khanbhai, Jennifer Sygo, Jordan Mazur, Casey Smith, Paul Catterson, Charles Pedlar

16 August 2022

Exercise prehabilitation during neoadjuvant chemotherapy may enhance tumour regression in oesophageal cancer: results from a prospective non-randomised trial
Janine Zylstra, Greg P Whyte, Kerri Beckmann, James Pate, Aida Santaolalla, Louise Gervais-Andre, Beth Russell, Nick Maisey, Justin Waters, Gemma Tham, Jesper Lagergren, Michael Green, Mark Kelly, Cara Baker, Mieke Van HemelrijckSee the full list of authors

1 February 2022

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