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Physical activity and risk of infection, severity and mortality of COVID-19: a systematic review and non-linear dose–response meta-analysis of data from 1 853 610 adults
Yasmin Ezzatvar, Robinson Ramírez-Vélez, Mikel Izquierdo, Antonio Garcia-Hermoso

22 August 2022

Physical activity, sedentary time and breast cancer risk: a Mendelian randomisation study
Suzanne C Dixon-Suen, Sarah J Lewis, Richard M Martin, Dallas R English, Terry Boyle, Graham G Giles, Kyriaki Michailidou, Manjeet K Bolla, Qin Wang, Joe Dennis, Michael Lush, ABCTB Investigators, Thomas U Ahearn, Christine B Ambrosone, Irene L AndrulisSee the full list of authors

6 September 2022

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